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Media, Filming Permits & Influencer Collaboration

Apply for our filming permit or influencer collaboration with the forms below. Photos and general information about VALO can be found below the forms. News rooms can contact directly in regards to interviews and photoshoots (as the filming permit fee & application process do not apply).


We mainly engage in long term collaboration, such as collaboration campaigns, with influencers we contact ourselves. We select our influencers a. 2-3 times a year. If you’d like to apply to be one of our influencers, please fill in the form below and add your media card (including your channels, follower count, follower demographics and content themes). We will contact our chosen influencers personally.

Questions? In specialty cases you can contact us at: Our response time is 1-2 weeks. We do not consider influencer applications sent through the email.

Influencer application for collaboration

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    Filming Permit

    You can apply for a permit by filling in the form below. We will go through your application and give our decision within 1-2 weeks. Photo & filming permits at VALO cost €1000 + VAT/permit. We also charge a facility fee depending on which facilities you use.

    Filming permit application

      General information & photos of VALO for the use of media

      Download VALO information package and pictures below.


      Deluxe olohuone VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      VALO Hotel & Work Helsinki breakfast

      VALO Hotel & Work Helsinki breakfast

      Log sauna VALO Hotelli Helsinki 2

      6 VALO Rooftop Terrace Wellness Area

      VALO Hotel & Work Helsinki breakfast

      Smart VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      Kokoustila Sammal VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      Comfort Double ovelle VALO Hotelli Helsinki


      Sauna wellness VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      VALO Hotel Work exterior North


      VALO Work creative workspace Helsinki

      Bar Suo_baaritiskin suunta 1

      Bistro ELO design


      Bistro ELO design

      Takkahuone 1 wellness VALO Hotelli Helsinki


      Bistro ELO design


      Deluxe bath VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      VALO Work quiet workspace Helsinki

      6 VALO Relaxation Pool Rooftop Wellness

      Kokoustila Naava VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      Kuntosali wellness VALO Hotelli Helsinki


      VALO Work Lounge coworking Helsinki

      Comfort Twin VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      Smart bath VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      Bistro Elo_yleiskuva 3_suppea

      Smart office room VALO Work Helsinki

      Bistro ELO design


      Kokoustila Letto ja Neva VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      VALO_Hotel_Work_Helsinki_Bistro ELO Lunch 2

      Bar Suo_buffet

      Log sauna VALO Hotelli Helsinki


      Kokoustila Letto VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      VALO_Hotel_Work_Helsinki_Bistro ELO Lunch

      VALO_Hotel_Work_Helsinki_Bistro ELO



      Comfort Twin Business VALO Hotelli Helsinki


      1 VALO Entrance Lobby

      Comfort Double VALO Hotelli Helsinki

      VALO Hotel & Work logo white

      VALO Hotel & Work logo blue