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Green Key Actions | Hotel Helsinki

We at VALO want to make sure that tomorrow always looks brighter. We have invested in sustainable choices in all the operations of our hotel, from building our property to small actions that take place in everyday life. VALO Hotel &  Work has been awarded a Green Key certificate, the highest standards of which we strive to exceed.

Sustainable Business

We at VALO Hotel Helsinki favour domestic and sustainable producers and products in our acquisitions. You can see and taste the seasons in the domestic, organic and local cuisine our restaurants serve. Finnish delicacies and sustainable European organic wines are the stars of our drink list.

For our hotel interiors, we have chosen furniture with a long life cycle, often made from recyclable materials. For example, in our hotel you will find furniture from Woodio, Artek and Isku. Our Finnish workwear are made from durable natural materials. We use Raw/Rå tableware from Helsinki in our bistro.

We continue to reduce the burden on the environment and choose ecological options in our operational activities. As an example, we use non-plastic straws, towel rolls at hand washing points, the wellness department is heated geothermally, we use 100% green electricity and minimize our electricity use with presence detectors. Our cosmetics are provided in refill bottles from the Finnish eco-friendly natural cosmetics company Ole Hyvä.

Our development plan

  • A recorded environmental policy will be made for the hotel
  • Management holds regular meetings with the staff to review the hotel’s current environmental work and future measures
  • The Environmental Officer in charge shall participate regularly, at least twice a year, in meetings of the management team and present the situation and development of environmental measures
  • The Environmental Officer in charge and others working on environmental issues (members of the management team, property maintenance, janitors, reception and kitchen staff) shall receive annual training in environmental matters related to their own work
  • The hotel cooperates actively with one or more stakeholders that it defines as being important
  • At the hotel, energy saving functions for daily work include:
  • Enabling a paperless office
  • Minimizing the changing of bed linen and textiles in rooms by instructing guests, for example, on changing towels during longer stays (more than 1 day)
  • Room equipment is selected according to sustainable development criteria, for example, by avoiding disposable packaging and favouring ecological materials
  • Supporting hotel guests’ familiarisation with their local nature, for example, by using a route map
  • VALO Hotel & Work selects a charity cause(s) and commits to working regularly with its staff for charitable causes
  • Donations are made in a thoughtful manner and in such a way that the donation benefits the recipient for a long period of time.
  • Agreeing on activities and a commitment to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, for example
  • Earth Hour campaign

In addition, VALO Hotel & Work has taken the following measures to ensure sustainable development principles already during the construction phase:

  • The hotel has its own Environmental Officer in charge
  • SSA Hotels has selected sustainable development partners, such as  Woodio, which produces ecological wood composite basins for 422 rooms
  • The hotel does not sell or display products that endanger the preservation of the local nature or culture
  • The hotel implements culturally sustainable tourism in its activities, appreciating and protecting the local culture and the local way of life, and supports the vitality of the area
  • The property also has geothermal heat, which enables the energy-efficient heating of the property, including, for example, the heating technology of the relaxation pool
  • The use of energy in 422 rooms has been minimised by selecting technology that enables energy saving measures in sectors such as temperature control, air conditioning and lighting


In the acquisitions of VALO Hotel & Work, we favour domestic, responsible products. VALO Hotel & Work’s business concept focuses on the most efficient utilization of the facilities. VALO serves customers working in VALO’s premises during the day and hotel guests at night. VALO has a philosophy of “always in use”,  i.e. premises are designed to be versatile: the utilisation rate of the premises will increase and the energy efficiency of the properties will improve.