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Safe stay at VALO
Please remember to make a reservation in advance for breakfast and dinner. Reservations for the wellness area are made at our reception. Here you will find instructions for a safe visit and a reservation links.

VALO Deluxe

For every-day luxury

The VALO Deluxe room isn't just the whole cake, it’s the cherry on top too. This thoughtfully designed and stylish 29 m2 room includes a luxurious double bed and a charming living room perfect for enjoying privacy as well as entertaining guests.

2 x 49" Flat-screen TV · Adjustable Air Conditioning · Adjustable Lighting · Double Bed · Hair Dryer · Iron · Ironing Board · Mini Bar · Shower · VALO Room Tablet · Wake Up Service




Sauna and pool area





1-2 ppl / 29 m2

  • Double bed
  • Two 49” flat screen tvs
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Hair dryer, iron & ironing board
  • Smart adjustable lighting, temperature and air flow


Traveling in style

VALO Deluxe is a rare treat: you’ll enjoy luxurious sleep and evenings in style. It’s the largest room in VALO and it’s perfect for entertaining guests. The stylish room is blissfully quiet and the interiors are made with sustainable and Finnish materials. The spacious bathroom has for example a beautiful sink made from the Finnish Durat material, which partly consists of recycled plastic.

You can adjust your hotel room’s lighting, temperature and air flow to suit your mood, be it a little softer lighting or a bit more heat for the cold winter evenings. Our entire hotel is at your fingertips with our smart room tablets, everything from room service to table reservations. You’ll be quite comfy staying in as well, there’s a 49 inch flat screen tv with ChromeCast in both the bedroom and the living room.

Quiet serenity and life out loud

Deliciously vibrant life is waiting for you just outside your room. Bistro ELO serves a fresh local menu, Lounge & Bar SUO delights with cool drinks and the wellness area indulges you with hot saunas and relaxation pools.

On a business trip?

Every VALO hotel room can also function as a delightful office room. VALO Deluxe can shift into a wonderful meeting room with proper lighting and crisp air. Beautiful shared workspaces for both creative and quiet work can be found on the second floor.