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VALO Studio

Virtual Events | Helsinki

Organise stylish virtual events and hybrid meetings at VALO Hotel Helsinki! VALO Studio is a simple quality studio space and technology for small and medium sized virtual events and standard productions. VALO Studio is set up in our event facilities Karpalo and Kanerva, which can be combined with other neighbouring facilities in the Lähteikkö event area to make room for an on-site audience.


When should you use VALO Studio?

VALO Studio is perfect for standard virtual and hybrid meetings where your audience is taking part remotely. Online events are a modern way to successfully organize e.g. staff events, webinars, seminars, conferences and trainings.

What does VALO Studio include?

The studio includes two cameras, 86″ screen, wireless microphones for 1-4 ppl, streaming technology, sound technology, studio lighting and stylish furnishing. The technology is easy and of good quality, so perfect for quick events. The price includes our VALo technician, who will maintain the studio tech for the duration of your event. You can ask more about the possibilities of our studio tech from our Customer Service and Sales team when making your booking.

What does VALO Studio cost?

The price per hour for VALO Studio is €235 (+ VAT 24 %).  VALO Studio is available with a minimum charge of 2 hours.



VALO Hotel Helsinki editing video

Light edit of recording

Start. €200

VALO Hotel Helsinki kokoustila Naava

Powerpoint presentation in broadcast


VALO Hotelli Helsinki VALO Studio näyttö

86" screen behind speaker


VALO Hotelli Helsinki valo studio etäpuhuja

Technology & connection test for remote speakers



Speaker screen


VALO Hotelli Helsinki Turvaohjeistus video

Streaming video in broadcast


VALO Hotelli Helsinki valo studio näytön jako

Mirroring screen in broadcast


VALO Hotel Helsinki mini studio kokoustila etäkokous

Two way connection also on speaker screen


VALO Hotelli Helsinki valo studio alusta

Customised broadcast platform

Start. €700

VALO Hotelli helsinki valo studio työntekoa

Additional work outside the offer


VALO Hotelli Helsinki työhuone Smart

Private break room (Smart office)


Refreshing Event Catering with Our Puhti Concept

Fresh and healthy event catering by Bistro ELO.

The catering is based on our Puhti concept: nourishing and high-quality food that empowers your day.

“All day” coffee/tea €9/person
Coffee/tea & savory snack €15
Coffee/tea & sweet snack €15
Coffee/tea & savory snack & sweet snack €21
Healthy snacks €14
inc. sliced fruit, nuts and green smoothies
Lunch of the day €10,90
(available MON-FRI at 11-13 as take away)

    Hybridi or traditional live stream?

    Traditional live stream is familiar to most and means for example holding a training or a webinar to a remote audience. No audience is taking part on site at the place of production. The same studio set up works just as well for prerecorded training videos that don’t go out live.

    In hybrid events some audience is taking part on site while others take part remotely online. Hybrids too come in all shapes and sizes. One-way hybrid events tend to be much easier to produce than two-way hybrids.

    In one-way hybrid streaming the audience is watching e.g. a panel discussion both on site and online but they can’t participate in any other capacity than watching and perhaps through a chat.

    In two-way hybrid streaming the audience can interact with the event both online and on site through Teams for example. This enables a large audience and the participants that are on site can make their speeches on handheld microphones.